Leaders and Mentors

For the first half of this exercise, please write about a leader in health care or public health. This person should be someone you admire and who matches your personal leadership style. That is, he/she should be a representation of the leader you would want to be. Select any person from history as long as they had some importance to the health arena at the local, state, or national level.
In your response, consider such things as the leader’s education, family history, career path, personal milestones, setbacks, and significant contributions to the health care and/or public health fields. Be sure to discuss why you feel this person exemplifies leadership and how he/she matches your personal approach to leadership. This person must not be a relative of yours. 

In the second half of the assignment, please write about a mentor who has guided your professional life in some way. Describe the qualities of this person and explain why they were an effective mentor. As you write, reflect upon how you might adopt these same mentoring traits and identify someone in your professional sphere whom you could mentor. Again, no relatives please. Also, no teachers/professors please. This person should be within your professional realm.

Written responses should range in length from 400-500 words. So budget 250 words for your leader and 250 words for your mentor. Your response should be thoughtfully organized and free from typos. For full credit, you must cite at least one PPT slide AND one page from the textbook reading.


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