Latino Americans African Americans Anglo Americans report

The following information can be find in attached guidelines too.
-Paper should have 8 resources
-8 page
-Should have 4 questions (4 continuous variables)
-One successful multiple regression or one successful Anova (one of them)
Mult.regr. 3 continuous independent variable and 1 continuous dependent variable
Anova 1 categorical and 1 continuous
ISPS of your own choice
-The paper should be scholarly report (up to date)
-should have literature review, hypothesis, findings, discussion (compare and contrast, and theory perspective)
Example: you don’t have to draw the table but should write like the underneath sentences
-question happiness
Latino americans African americans Anglo americans report
Hyp 1 8 8.5 3.2 Sig.less than <0.05 means are diff
Hyp 2
Hyp 3
Hyp 4

For hyp 1 the mean level of happiness is different and that is the question , if they are the same is useless
For hyp 2 mean level of the happiness will be greater or less than African Americans
For hyp3mean level of Africa American will be greater than Anglo mean level
Hyp 4

-Put final numbers in findings like latino americans(8,n=120,sign<0.5and the rest will continue the same like afr amer. Is…. And anglo am …… like in attached example paper Journal of Gerontological Social Work –descriptive results section or paragraph
-Don’t forget to write the sociological theory perspective


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