"Knew, Learned, Corrected" (Reflection)

If you need to know my religious view, I am a christian. I am going to attach the powerpoint that you are going to use for this reflection. And these are the additional contents you need to use:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bHvGcWzdrM

“Knew, Learned, Corrected.” 

This title reflects the three requirements of the assignment, namely to offer roughly a paragraph on what each student felt he or she already personally knew about that section’s topic (across all religions) before beginning the readings, viewings, and lectures. Then, the student should compose another, separate paragraph on what new insights and relevant pieces of knowledge she or he gained from our work together. And, finally, a concluding paragraph should address any miconceptions or “blanks” that the student may have previously had about some aspect(s) of the religions that our work together has corrected.

As ever, proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, MLA formatting for quotations, syntax, diction, tone, and manner are all required. And, please, compose your own response before looking at those of others, thanks.


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