The question to be answered is: How do you think learning and engagement are impacted when students use technology tools (e.g. Livebinders, Edmodo, course management tools like Moodle, etc.) AND 21st Century Skills? How might contemporary skills and tools impact student learning over the breadth of their K-12 experiences?

Only use the articles that I will upload. I will also upload the grading rubric. Make sure to integrate your general learning to how your learning from the module will impact YOU, your practice or classroom methods. The rubric, Exemplary, stresses the areas of specificity for reflects and how learning should be applied to strengthen practice and action that will be taken in practice or the classroom and requires 2 specific actions while the outstanding response identifies at least one specific action applied to practice or classroom. Please refer to the rubric for more details. The exemplary criteria is included here with requirements numbered. . 

The exemplary response directly addresses and responds to (1) all facets of writing prompt (2) synthesizing three sources of evidence (articles/readings; video/website and personal experience/observation; previous reading) to support it. (3) The response briefly summarizes the chosen resources; presents careful consideration of knowledge sources. The response correctly references the source viewed, considers them singularly, as well as considers how resources may work together as a whole to strengthen practice. (4) The exemplary writing response blends reflection and analysis and considers the strand as an opportunity for growth. (5) The response identifies two areas of specific action in which learning from the strand can be applied (How can the resources be applied in my classroom?  (6) Exemplary responses demonstrate concern for equity and access. The writing is fresh, specific, and aligned with the purpose of the prompt.


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