Journal entry for TECH 646

You completed your first journal entry for TECH 646 and are going to do another one by next week. Do the following:
– Write the statement of the problem mentioned in each articles.
– Critique each statement separately. In doing so, look at its clarity, and how the authors addressed the problem in their article (e.g., how well did they answer the question(s) they raised? Were the quantities used relevant to the problem?, etc.). Finally, how would you write the problem statement?
– If the articles did not have a problem statement, then, based on the issue discussed, write a problem statement that you would like to investigate.

Note 1: So, you should come up with at least, 4 articles, since you have done two already and are working on other two for your next week journal.
Note 2: Make sure to follow IEEE guidelines to cite and to refer to the articles. So, at the end of your document, you should have a reference section where you list the articles used according to IEEE and also, to refer to the articles within your text accordingly. The IEEE guideline is already in Blackboard.
let me know if one page is not enough thanks


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