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The background and findings of this study presented in seven chapters. The following provides an overview of the structure of the thesis in terms of the chapters that follow.

Chapter 2: The chapter presents various findings and previous analyses regarding the setup of Islamic banks and their expansion to Islamic as well as non-Islamic countries. The chapter also includes theories regarding conflict of interest that is countered by Islamic banks as well as conventional banks and how Shari’ah compliant regulations resolve these issues. The roles and responsibilities of the Shari’ah advisors and boards are also discussed along with empirical and theoretical studies and their implications regarding current ownership and governance structure in Islamic banks.

Chapter 3: The historical development of the Islamic and conventional banking sectors in the Middle East/Arab region.

Chapter 4: Presents various research methods and techniques that utilized in this study along with data collection methods and sample description. The chapter also evaluates the issues of reliability and validity in detail and how both elements are observed in this study.

Chapter 5: Details the management and regulation of Islamic banks in Middle Eastern region using historical data and information starting from initial regulatory environment to current amendments under AAOIFI, IFSB and BNM. The chapter also evaluates in detail the changes made in corporate and ownership structure of corporations and specifically banks in Middle East and BASEL II implementation in specific regulatory areas such as capital adequacy.

Chapters 6: Present discussion and analysis on findings from chapter 4 where the amendments and regulations imposed under Shari’ah compliant regulatory bodies evaluated for their risk management and firm performance aspects. The chapter also evaluates the role of the government in Middle East countries and their central banks in the enforcement and monitoring of Shari’ah principles in Islamic financial institutions; and the role of the Shari’ah boards and advisors in the approval and monitoring of financial transactions.

Chapter 7: Concludes the findings from chapter 4 and 5 and summarizes the findings from each chapter. The conclusion chapter also presents various recommendations for strengthening the enforcement of appropriate ownership and governance structure in Islamic banks by highlighting the gaps that exists in current system. Moreover, the chapter also includes certain recommendations for future researchers based on the limitations of this study and what can be achieved in future, using this dissertation as base study.

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