Is the increase in Foreign Direct Investment from China to blame for blame for Australia suffering from Dutch Disease

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Use descriptive statistics
Regression if necessary; I understand coefficients, t-test; null hypothesis. If you do use this, the indicate the fitness of the model used aswell e.g multicolinearity, autocorr….etc
I used data stream to get my data mainly from; World Bank WDI; Australian Bureau of Statistics & OECD Main Economic Indicators and my main sources but indicate if you have used others
Basic Format to follow:
Most important thing to do is to indicate that Dutch Disease is occurring in Australia statistically
Then indicate how you know statistically, various components of Dutch Disease.
then indicate if it is due to China’s INWARD FDI or not
That was a simple format, obviously if you can do it better then use your creative juices lol
I submitted my order with my dissertation, try to correlate it with it as much as you can, however i will work around what you have done

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