IR 342 DH

The general topic of the paper is the answer to this question: In what way and importanly why – has the host country violated the 1951 convention related to the status of refugees article against a person, persons(several individuals), or group of people(ethnic group, relifious group, etc) from your selected refugee home country?

Refugee home country: Ukraine
Offending host country : Turkey
Refugee convention article: Non-discrimination

STRUCTURE AND FORMAT: The essay should be 10pages long, double spaced. Times new roman font 12pt. with 1 inch margins. Use subtitles. Always cite other peoples ideas, when you paraphrase them. Do not use casual language (e.g contractions), prose, cute metaphors, or generalities. Do not use long qoutes. An additional page at the end should contain your works cited (Bibliography) A good bibliography should have atleast 3 academic sources (e.g peer reviewed book or article, case law, etc), none of which should be wikipedia. Helpful sources may include reports from amnesty international or Human rights watch, articles from Human rights Quarterly, and articles from various law journals such as those listed in your reading assignments. citations should be in APSA format. I’ll upload the instructions to follow inorder for you to now how to write each page. PLEASE FOLLOW THEM EXACTLY.


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