Intervention proposal

Paper details: Not necessarily include all nor limit only to those points

-Job Satisfaction
-Job involvement
-Work engagement
-Organization Commitment
-Organization Justice (e.g Distributive justice, Procedural Justice, Interactional Justice)
-Organization Citizenship Behavior
-Psychological Contract
-Work Motivation
-Reinforcement Theory
-Goal setting Theory
-Equity Theory
-Expectancy theory
-Organization development
-Organization development cycle (identify the need for change, entering and contracting, diagnosis, feedback, planning and implementing change, evaluating change)
-Organizational culture
-Lewin’s change model
-Action research model
-Positive model
-Job Analysis
-Job evaluation
-Job design
-Taylorism (aka. job simplification)
-Sociotechnical systems
-Job enlargement
-Job enrichment
-Job characteristics model
-Relational job design

All research articles must be peer-reviewed journal articles

Other instructions and details material is uploaded.


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