Internet Script Programming

Order instructions

  1. What are the specific underlying technologies of the software/service? (e.g., Database tool(s), programming language(s) and standards, network servers, specialized web server software.)
  2. What is the history of ownership of the technology?
  3. What are the advantages and limitations of offering these tools over the Internet?
  4. What sort of individual or corporation is this product targeted towards?
  5. How is the tool different from in person interaction?
  6. What advantages or disadvantages do they offer over similar tools?
  7. How much technical expertise is required for installation, maintenance and security? (Think – if there is a job opportunity for you here!)
  8. What add on technologies are available and what value do they add to the product?
  9. If there is a free version who is eligible to use it? If there is a paid for version what are the added benefits for paying for the product?
  10. How can the creators and users of the tool earn income from it?
  11. How can the tool advance the current trend of (web) technology?

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