International Politics of energy resources(Essay question:7. ‘The true cause of much civil war is not the loud discourse of grievance but the silent force of greed’ (Collier 2000). Critically examine this claim by comparing and contrasting two

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Primary resources: books
Collier, Paul. The Bottom Billion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. (Chapter 2)
Gavin Bridge, Philippe Le Billon. Oil. London: Polity; 1 edition, 2012
Mary Kaldon, Terr Lynn Karl and Yahia Said (ed.), Oil Wars. London: Pluto Press. (Chapter 1)
Philippe Le Billon (2007), ‘Geographies of War: Perspectives on ‘Resource Wars’. Geography Compass 1/2 (2007): 163–182
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Collier, Paul and Anke Hoffler. 2004. ‘Greed and grievance in civil war,’ Oxford Economic Papers 56, 563-595.
Discussion area:
In what ways are resources and local wars interconnected?
Do resources start wars?
Are resources responsible for the perpetuation of local wars in mineral and oil rich countries?
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