Integrated Technology Systems


This assignment requires you to carry out a review and to write a report of at least 2500 words (approximately six pages of 12 point type). The assignment is worth 30% of your final course mark.
This assignment requires you to write a report containing:
1. A review of the main temperature sensors for control systems (Thermocouples, Resistance Temperature Detectors-RTD and Thermistors) outlining the characteristics of each type and providing an explanation and examples of the types of systems they are most suited to.
2. A summary of the typical sensors for measurement of rainfall. This summary should compare these sensors with the latest developments in rainfall measurement sensor technology (Vaisala RAINCAP, optical sensor etc). Your summary should include a discussion on the key drivers supporting the development and uptake of the newer sensors.
Marking Schedule: Each of the numbered sections will be worth 10 marks (Total 20 marks) You must use APA inline citation and a bibliography for referencing source material. All internet resources must be referenced. Appropriate referencing will be worth 5 marks. Overall clarity and organisation of your report will be worth 5 marks.

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