Information systems in Buisness

Assignment overview:

This coursework requires you to prepare a report selected from one of the topics on the attached list, to be completed on an individual basis. The report requires you to engage – to a greater or lesser extent – with the report analyzing the Return On Investment of a BlackBerry Deployment which may be found in the Assignments section of Blackboard.

This case study is purposively situated in 2006 to motivate students to engage critically with merging mobile technology and applications which have recently evolved. For example the current trend of ‘Bring your own device (BYOD)’ in the work place that generates a number of legal and ethical considerations. Also the recent concept of Cloud Computing that is changing the way organisations operate. Due to the recent developments students are expected to investigate the current situation and examine the developing situation.

there are 5 topics to chose from for the report. I chose this one:
The provision of new and emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) should be regarded as an investment and not just an expense and does not necessarily result in increased productivity or increased profits.


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