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It is a 40 pages indiviual case analysis for Target(single spaced). Baseicly ,there are many different analysis need to be discussed in the paper. 1. Financial Analysis 2. Gernaral Environment Analysis(6 segments) 3. Five Forces Analysis 4. Competitive Analysis 5. Resources Analysis 6. Value Chain Analysis 7. Strategic Analysis For example, under Financial Analysis we need to discuess base on the case i gave you (10 pages) 1. Thoroughly evaluating target’s financial position. 2. profitability tarios 3. Liquduty ratios 4. Leverage ratios 5. Activity ratios 6. Free cash flow 7. cost of capital 8. Ability to raise additional capital 9. Dividend policy 10. Relationship with creditors and stakeholders. Under General Environment Analysis, these need to be discussed 1. Demographic segement 2. Sociacultural segment 3. Political/ legal segement 4. Technological segement 5. Macroeconomic segement 6. Global segement. Under Five Forces Analysis, these need to be discussed in the paper. 1. Threat of new entrants 2. Supplier power 3. buyer power 4. Threat of substitues 5. Rivalry 6. overall industry(high/ mid / low)(atttactive/ unattractive) Under Resources Analysis 1. Tangible resources. Financial(summrized financial analysis here) -Physical -Human 2. Intangible resources -Technological -Resources for innovation -Reputation 3. Capabilities 4. Core competencies Under Value Chain Analysis 1.Primary Activities -Inbound logistics – outbound logistics – operations -Marketing – service Secondary Activities – Firm Infrastructures

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