Individual assignment

Required word length: 3,500-4,000 words (Start counting from introduction to conclusion and in-text references are included)


Read case 16 ‘Ethical Leadership at Cardinal IG: The Foundation of a Culture of Diversity’ (prescribed text, pp.563-571) – click here to download case 16. This case study is an example of good companies where an ethical culture has been created and promoted, meaning that the ethical issues such as discrimination at work has been minimised. You will investigate what Cardinal’s leaders have done to create an ethical culture, and use and refine the literature review conducted for Assessments 1 & 2 as well as other academic sources to support your responses to the four questions indicated below.

1. How has David Pinder embraced ethical leadership to create an ethical culture at Cardinal IG?

2. Refer to the moral philosophies discussed in Module 7. Identify and explain two possible moral philosophies that David Pinder has followed. Give reasons for why you identified these moral philosophies.

3. How has Cardinal’s principles and values shaped the ethical behaviour of employees?

4. How has Cardinal empowered its employees to practice responsible and accountable leadership?

Assessment 3’s structure (report format):
Cover page
Table of Contents
Introduction (5-10% of word count, around 175-350 words)
Body of the report (at least 12 academic references, from 2005 onwards except regulations and laws that you may use the sources before 2005)
Conclusion (5-10% of word count, around 175-350 words)
Assessment Criteria
You will be assessed on the following criteria:
Demonstrated understanding of the course material and the ability to apply that material to the assessment question (28 marks)
Effective communication: you are able to write a coherent and logical argument in support of your answers (6 marks)
Presentation: Your assignment is formatted appropriately, and uses proper spelling, grammar and style (6 marks)
Referencing: The University’s Harvard referencing style is used (no marks are provided for referencing–proper referencing is expected. Penalties will be applied for poor referencing: up to 5 marks may be deducted).


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