In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried

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1) Propose a theory explaining what you think Amy Hempel tries to accomplish in the last lines of the sections. This theory should apply to the last lines of several sections, but it does not need to be true of the last line of every single section. Your theory should be able to explain: what she tries to do with those last lines, and how she is using those last lines to help the reader understand the story.

2) Defend your theory by referring to specific quotes from the story: Quote last lines of sections that you think support your theory, and explain clearly and patiently how that quote helps support your theory.

3) As you write your discussion, imagine me reading your discussion and make sure I can answer yes to the following questions:

A) Do I understand what you are saying? (When in doubt, write it like you would say it, and don’t try to sound fancy.)

B) Do I believe what you’re saying? Is your reasoning logical? What objections might I have to your logic, and how can you answer those objections?

C) Do I care about what you’re saying? Have you explained why the evidence you’ve chosen is important in the story? Is your point so obvious that I already know it, and therefore won’t care?

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