Identify common predictors of adolescent drug and alcohol

This question REQUIRES the use of a specific textbook as well as 2 other articles. If you do not have the required text please do not respond to this posting. I need a 3-5 page paper on this topic

Identify common predictors of adolescent drug and alcohol use indicated by the research presented in the textbook. List and describe 2 family-related, 2 peer-related, and 2 individual characteristics/variables that have been shown to be correlated with drug and alcohol abuse in adolescence. Discuss the connections between each system risk factor and information regarding at-risk youth (i.e. family correlations of substance abuse connected to parenting issues).

You MUST use the following source plus 2 other scholarly articles: *Clinton, T., Clark, C. & Straub, J. (2010). The quick-reference guide to counseling teenagers. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

Failure to use this source will result in a bad review and request for refund

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