I Stand Here Ironing.” by Tillie olsen's

Week # 6 Feb. 22-28

Paper #3 (MLA):

**Outline is due Wednesday, February 24 by 11:59 pm.

**The paper is due Sunday, Feb. 28 by 11:59 pm.

  1. Part of beginning work on a topic is the task of doing some preliminary research. (See below for more information on how to do this.) You must make sure you can find sufficient articles of substance for your Works Cited page. If you have difficulty, I will help you. A paper submitted without any research included will receive a zero since the paper does not fulfill the requirements of the assignment. If you have a Works Cited page, but do not quote from any of the listed sources, you will receive a zero since the paper does not fulfill the requirements of the assignment.


  1. Paper #3 should be 500 words but no more than 525 words, double-spaced with a one-inch border. Follow format guidelines for a paper in MLA in your handbook. Your will submit the paper via the link on the course content page, “Submit Paper #3 Here.” You must cite each source at least once in order to include it in your Works Cited. The paper should be in third person. Do not use first or second person. Remember to use the MLA format section in your handbook, as required.



            Paper # 3 (Worth 100 points) You will write about Tillie Olsen’s story, “I Stand Here Ironing.” For your outline, write a thesis based on a characterization of the main character in the story, the narrator, or the daughter, Emily. Review pages 230-233 concerning character. Remember that each topic sentence should directly support the thesis, proving that your assessment of the narrator’s character is correct.   Use sources to support your assessment. Also, use evidence from the story for support. See the outline format in the folder for Paper #1 on the Course Content page.



—You will create a Works Cited page with at least three entries for secondary sources. You should also include the primary source, the story itself. All secondary sources must be from the WCJC library’s online database. Learn the difference among these three words: site, sight, and cite.

—Do not use online tools for formatting a Works Cited page or in-text citations without checking the formatting against the examples in your handbook. Many of these tools do not format correctly, including the citations found on the WCJC library’s online database next to the articles.

—Do not use Wikipedia.

—I am ready and willing to help you, so call if you need help. 347-581-1373.


You will follow the instructions on writing a research paper that appear in your textbooks. As you work on this project, these instructions may be refined, clarified, or expanded, as needed. Be sure to read and review everything in your assigned reading.

Check the folder for Paper #3 on the Course Content page for helpful information.


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