Hydrology- Glaciers

I am asking you to write two short papers (at least two pages double space, but more pages if necessary for the first paper and a page to a page in half for the second paper) on a topic of your choice. The format of this paper is a question that focuses on one of the principle learning objectives of the chapters covered during the second half of our course (after our mid term) with a suitable answer that covers the major concepts in that learning objective. Be sure to give your exam a title by stating the question that you are answering. Basically, this paper takes the form of an essay that a professor might give as a question on an exam with its corresponding answer written in thoughtful prose that conforms to good writing style with no grammatical or spelling errors. After the paper is complete, you should also write a reflective essay (at least a page) explaining why you chose your topic, what major understandings you learned from writing the paper, and why this topic is important in the overall theme of this course, namely, the hydrosphere.


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