Human Resources Information Systems

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Prepare a report to senior management. The report includes: Requirements document (a detailed specification of user requirements.) Outline the approach/methodology used to evaluate different commercial and in-house packages. Analyse and compare suitability of potential systems, and identify cost-benefits, return on investment and risk. Recommend a product to purchase Identify the functional gap of the recommended system(s) and strategies to address the gap Outline an implementation plan (including data conversion, acceptance testing and user training) and analyse the impact on the organisation and identify change management issues Determine project timeframes and human resource requirements. Who would be involved in the HRIS project/implementation team and why would they be involved Performance expectations and KPI?s Contractual obligations and limitations Provide information on vendors delivery, installation Back up service; Strategy to provide training and support Methods for monitoring the HRIS Identifying and resolving anomalies or deficiencies.
Note: Learners should include at least two (2) examples/quotations (preferably 3) of HR Information Systems that they have researched and investigated, to give ?senior management? options to choose from. Learners are to ensure that their conclusion includes their own recommendations for an HRIS, and supporting evidence.

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