Human Resource Management: Compensation and Re

Project Guideline: Human Resource Management


Format / Reminders

  1. Double-spaced, 12.0 font size, Times New Roman.
  2. Provide a Title Page (Students’ Name, ID Number, Course Name/Code, Faculty Name)
  3. Minimum of 10 pages.
  4. Provide a Title Page (Students’ Name, ID Number, Course Name/Code, Faculty Name)


The Topic subject:

  • Compensation and Reward Systems used in today’s companies


  • Report

You are required to submit a case study on a (UAE ) local public sector organization or on a private sector. If you are employed or were previously employed at a company, you are encouraged to produce a case study on the same company. The paper will be graded based on its substantive content as it relates to contemporary HR issues, evidence of reading and research, style and grammar. You will conduct a qualitative research. The research paper consists of the following elements;


Title, Abstract and Key words

  1. Author Names
  2. In the abstract, briefly describe the purpose of your study, research design and findings
  3. Mention the keywords of your research paper. Which terms should readers use if they want to find your paper in databases?



A Key Issue/Problem Identification section

  1. A brief background of key relevant information/facts pertinent to the company, such as its organizational structure, purpose, industry, size etc. Note that the company must remain anonymous.
  2. State the key company practice of your choice. Explain the HR practice in detail. How is it implemented in the organization? What are its successes/failures?
  3. State your research question and the structure of your research paper.


Theoretical Framework

  1. This section pertains an in-depth literature review about your topic. What is the current literature saying about your topic? What are the contemporary issues/implications? Usually you start writing this section, when you have conducted your interview and analyzed your data.



Here you will describe the methods you chose to use in order to reach your objective, which is to find a pertinent answer to your research question. Thus what is your research design? In an empirical project you will be required to describe:

  1. a) Participant: job position, age, gender, how long he or she worked in the organization. Again, he/she should remain anonymous.
  2. b) Procedure: Briefly discuss how the interview process went.( USE THE SAME INTERVIEW WE UPLOADED)
  3. c) Data analysis strategy: Describe how you analyzed the data, which method did you use? Should be existing tools that are being used in contemporary research articles.


Results (Implications)

This section will contain all the relevant findings. This is the most important section of your work. You will analyze the results of your study. You will show a clear understanding of the nature and significance of your findings. Your analytical skills will clearly be of central importance to this section of your research. This section should flow naturally from your literature review.



Based on your results you will find some problems that need to be solved in the organization. Describe 3-4 problems and provide detailed solutions to the problems. How would you solve the problems if you were working in the organization? Make use of theories from the book and/or research articles to write detailed solutions.



In this section, you briefly describe:

  1. a) the purpose of your study
  2. b) the research design
  3. c) your findings
  4. d) your recommendations


Discussion + Results

  • Always start brief descriptions with findings
  • Start with positive themes, why are these themes positive in the company? Make link with theoretical framework
  • Continue with Negative themes, explain why they are negative in the company and link with theoretical framework
  • Recommendations are focused on the negative themes, if you don’t have these then you recommend other practices. What else can they do to get more success?



A list of the readings, books, articles, organizational documents, internet documents etc, used for the research project. Should be according to APA-Style.



In this section include your entire transcript and interview protocol ( WE UPLOADED )


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