How to write compare and contrast essays

Tips on writing a compare and contrast essays

Writing an essay on compare and contrast means you need to describe the contradictions plus similarities on the subject under investigation to prove that both of them are similar and different on specific considerable sense. Before knowing how to write a compare and contrast essay, you need to understand the meaning very well. Compare means searching for similarities while contrast means looking for differences. You may be thinking how these two go together. But the reality is you cannot find one exclusive of each another.  For example, to find the contradictions between two subjects, you first need to find the similarities between them. The aim of these types of essays is not to affirm the similarities or dissimilarities between two subjects rather to make a clear distinction about these ideas. So, compare and contrast essay talks about the beneficial means for evaluating subjects. This article is a guide about how to write a compare and contrast essay.


At the beginning of how to write a compare and contrast essay, you need to decide the topic very cautiously. For the sake of writing, you can choose any two subjects for writing but it is wise to choose some subjects that require some meaningful investigation. For any two subjects, first you need to find a basis of their comparison. Remember, for any comparison or contrast, you need to examine same elements for two subjects.

After doing a considerable amount of research on both subjects, start writing the article on the first topic and then start comparing with the other. In comparison, you will discuss about the similarities on both topics. In case of writing compare and contrast articles, transition sentences are very much crucial as they will help you to prove any point in front of the readers. You can also do a subject by subject comparison for short essay that will help you to examine even undemanding issues. In subject by subject comparison, you will first explain one topic completely and then the other. Here, you will vindicate argument by argument for each topic.

In case of how to write a compare and contrast essay, it is better to differentiate point by point for both subjects rather than writing one subject at a time. The benefit of making a point by point differentiation is you can write one point and then point out the contrast between the two subjects and then move to the other central point. This will help the reader to understand your differentiation in a better way.

After reading this article, you must have got a clear idea about how to write a compare and contrast essay. Enjoy writing!

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