How to brief legal cases

This week, you read the case Crummy v. Morgan and watched a video that explained how to brief legal cases. Now, you’ll take a stab at writing your own case brief.

First, read the following case: Southern Prestige v. Independence Plating (Links to an external site.).

Next, prepare a case brief for this case, using the IRAC format (Citation, Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion). A few reminders: your issue should be a question, and the conclusion should answer that question.

Avoid using direct quotes from the case: put as much as possible into your own words. If you do use language from the case, you must put it in quotation marks and indicate that it is a direct quote. If you do not do so, you are plagiarizing, which is a violation of the OSU Student Conduct Code. I should not see more than 1-2 sentences that are direct quotations from the case.

You may submit this assignment as a .doc or .docx file, or text entry in this assignment.

Please review the grading rubric. Because this is your first case brief, I am not expecting perfection! You will receive full marks for this assignment if you turn in a case brief that includes all parts of the IRAC formula, have made a good effort to analyze the case, and you have put the brief into your own words so that I have evidence that you understood the material. While I am not grading your punctuation, grammar, or spelling, if the quality of the writing interferes with my ability to understand what you have written, you may be marked down.

This assignment is due on SUNDAY.

Document LINK:


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