How the Israeli sanctions to Palestine affected the small businesses development?

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  1. Proposed Title of Research

How the Israeli sanctions to Palestine affected the small businesses development?

  1. Background to the Topic (context) / Review of Literature

Palestine as a country has seen its past, present and future be extremely affected by their border with Israel. Nevertheless, Palestine never stopped fighting for their own rights and their own will to keep looking forward. On the other hand, a country under such circumstances sees their small business development highly affected due to all the huge risk levels, as well as, the uncertainty of the future. Thus, in this piece of work an analysis of the small business development in Palestine will be conducted in order to understand how affected was it by the Israeli Border Policy.




The Impact of Israeli Border Policy on the Palestinian Labor Market – Elizabeth Ruppert Bulmer

Economic Development and Cultural Change



  1. Research Question, Aim and Objectives

The aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the effects of the Israeli border policy on the economy of Palestine, focusing on the small businesses development. On another note, it will also be studies how the small businesses could have developed if they were not being affected by the policy of the Israeli border. What’s more a question regarding what are the internal responsibilities of the government of Palestine in the damages caused to the small businesses development will be studied and analysed, as well as, a comparison with the western countries development.


  1. Proposed research strategy/methodology:

The research strategy proposed is to gather as relevant secondary data to understand what is the outcome for the answer to the question whether Small businesses in the Palestinian economy have been affected by the Israeli border, if so, then the strategy changes to gather primary data from different important people involved in small businesses interviewed by me, from Israel and Palestine. It is also part of the primary data to find useful information and numerical data to understand how big is the impact of this policy.


My hypothesis is the following: Small businesses in Palestine have been strongly affected by Israeli border policy in its economic potential development.

  1. Motivation (optional)

Being a person that sees himself as a young entrepreneur and live so close to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict it is hard not to think about the economical and potentially the financial damages caused by this conflict in both economies. Thus, I knew from years ago that this was a potentially interesting topic which I have been developing my interest on and accumulating different information, as well as, reading and understanding better and better both sides of the coin.


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