How Terrorism affect Global Travel and Tourism

Use the above topic for an outline, also see instruction below.

1. An OUTLINE is essential to creating a clear and organized PowerPoint that fulfills the assignment requirements. Students who use outlines tend to do much better in their assignments than students who do not. Thus, this part of the PowerPoint Presentation outline is intended to assist you in writing a thesis statement, organizing the presentation, and demonstrating how the research and your claims connect.

Here are your instructions:
1. Construct a title
2. Write your thesis statement
3. Place your thesis statement as the first sentence at the top of your outline
4. Write an introductory statement that includes:
a. A preview of what you will cover in your PowerPoint
b. A segue into the PowerPoint body
5. Write what claims you are espousing from your thesis statement
a. This requires breaking the thesis statement down and defining what it means and what the points are. These points are called your claims.
6. Support each claim with research
7. Write a few words on how this research connects to the claims and PowerPoint thesis
8. Write a conclusion statement, which includes a short summary
9. Outlines are written using either incomplete sentences or complete sentences (you can choose)
10. Use correct grammar
11. Do include citations, so you can refer back to your research
12. The outline should be 3-5 pages in length
13. Use the APA style wherever you include citations
14. It is not necessary to include a reference page
15. HINT: Remember you need to show that you have learned about diversity, ethics, critical thinking, and communication with regard to the above topic.


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