how is techno distinct from the electronic music of New York and Chicago?

Explain the history of the discotheque as a physical space from the advent of recorded sound to the installation of the RLA soundsystem at the Paradise Garage.
-Explain the rise and fall of disco beginning with Stonewall in 1969 and ending in 1979 with Disco Demolition Night
– Explain the history of Chicago house. How is it similar but also different from disco? How does Italo fit into the picture? 2 pages about Paradise Garage (3 quotes)
What was the significance of the Paradise Garage? What kind of music was played there? What were the circumstances surrounding its rise in the early-’80s. Feel free to talk about its relationship to other forms of post-disco NY club.3 pages about techno (3 quotes)

-Explain the relationship of techno to the city of Detroit using examples from the reading. to shine a light on how certain historical processes created the music. I recommend you start with either the Ford Model T or the Detroit riots.
-How did the “waves” differ (or go in-depth on one “wave” if you’d like)? How does Berlin fit into the Detroit narrative? And, most importantly, how is techno distinct from the electronic music of New York and Chicago?
-Explain the history of Detroit techno as a form of musical expression. Who were the key players?

for this part only(techno) you can find more resources in this link

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