How is capital transferred between savers and borrowers

Mini Case (Mini Paper) APA style 1500 words a. Why is corporate finance important to all managers? b. Describe the organization forms a company might have as it evolves from a start-up to a major corporation. List the advantages and disadvantages of each form. c. How do corporations go public and continue to grow? What are agency problems? What is corporate governance? d. What should be the primary objectives of managers? 1. Do firms have the responsibility to society at large 2. Is stock price maximization good or bad for society 3. Should firms behave ethically e. What three aspects of cash flows affect the value of any investment? f. What are free cash flows g. What is the weighted average cost of capital h. How do free cash flows and weighted average cost of capital interact to determine a firm value i. Who are the providers (savers) and users (borrowers) of capital? How is capital transferred between savers and borrowers? j. What do we call a price that borrowers must pay for debt capital? What is the price of equity capital? What are the four fundamentals factors that affect the cost of money, or the general level of interest rates in the economy? k. What are some economic conditions that affect the cost of money? l. What are financial securities? Describe some financial instruments m. List some financial institutions n. What are some different types of markets o. How are secondary markets organized p. Briefly explain mortgage securitization and how it contributed to the global economic crises.

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