How empowering are contemporar Young Adult Television programmes such as The Vampire Diaries The 100 Pretty Little Liars? With their roots in Weedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer can any of these be seen as ‘feminist’?

The range of questions encompasses things covered and discussed in class. You will be expected, however, to show clear evidence of your own research, critical reading and viewing. IN ORDER TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS SUCCESSFULLY YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO REFER TO TEXTS NOT DIRCTLY ADDRESSED ON THE MODULE. This will demonstrate your ability to transfer your understanding of issues raised on the module to your own viewing and research.
Remember, the assignment is not asking you to submit a review of any TV drama but write a critical assessment of its industrial practices, cultural/ political/ broadcasting contexts, denotation/connotation etc and offer close reading of whichever texts you choose to write about.
Remember to rigorously check and proof read your essay for errors in spelling, grammar, typos, syntax etc.
Therefore your essay must:

1) Show EVIDENCE OF WIDER READING, at the very least the readings listed in the module guide
2) Use CLOSE TEXTUAL ANALYSIS of an appropriate extract or text(s).
4) Be proofread to avoid spelling and grammatical errors (it is worth considering dropping into CASE, 7th Floor Tower Block – drop in sessions between 10 and 2, appointments between 2 4 and referencing support between 1 – 2 daily. Take with a nearly completed draft with you and the advisor will go through grammar, spelling and structure with you). 

As with other modules, you should NOT be presenting plagiarised materials in your assignment essay. The penalties are serious if you do. Remember, basically, avoiding plagiarism means listing every single source you are drawing on (including any internet matter) and correctly placing quotation marks around every passage where you are quoting the actual words of your source text. Also, you should be careful to avoid auto plagiarism, which means submitting a piece of work which contains material substantially similar to work you have already submitted to this or any other module.

Your work will be marked according to the marking criteria which are detailed in the Field Guide for Film and TV. You can find this via the following link:

IN ORDER TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH AND DISCUSS TEXTS NOT DIRECTLY ADDRESSED ON THE MODULE. Several of the above texts may be found on Netflix, others on BoB and others on DVD in the university library.

1) How empowering are contemporary Young Adult Television programmes such as The Vampire Diaries, The 100, Pretty Little Liars? With their roots in Weedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, can any of these be seen as ‘feminist’? Discuss two series of your choice, using key episodes to demonstrate your argument.


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