How a slogan or a visual or other verbal or nonverbal communication constitutes problematic communication

1. “Ethics” refers to accepted principles of right and wrong. Begin by sharing at least 2 examples of unethicality or unethical behavior that you have witnessed, observed or read about in the workplace.


2. Research (Online) and summarize at least 2 of the following cases of ethics violations, before briefly sharing your reaction:

a. Unocal in Myanmar/Burma (1995)

b. Shell oil and the Ogoni crisis in Nigeria–and the subsequent hanging of artist and advocate Ken Saro Wiwa

c. the collapse of a fabric/garment bldg. that housed a U.S. owned sweatshop in Bangladesh

d. the export of used batteries to Mexico (lead posioning and pollution highly likely)

e. the 1996 scandal involving Nike in a 48Hours program that shared that Vietnamese workers were paid 20 cents p/hour when the cost of living or the reported living wage was $3 per/day.

f. 2006 reports of labor abuses at a factory in China that makes the iPod for Apple.


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