History of Jazz


Describe how Jazz began. What pre-existing cultures influenced jazz? In what way did these traits contribute to form jazz? Give specific examples.
The referencing style is the APA Style, 6th Edition. The reference list must be compiled using the APA 6th edition style guide. This should include the following:

References in alphabetical order by surname of the author
Correct use of capital letters and italics for titles
Correct use of punctuation in each reference
Use of a hanging indent of 1cm for the reference list
Assessment Criteria

Use of appropriate source material / data – 15%
Use of coherent and appropriate structure – 20%
Use of rigorous argument and critical analysis – 25%
Argument supported by critically evaluated evidence – 15%
Implementation of appropriate presentation and technical requirements – 15%
Correct use of academic referencing conventions – 10%
Two Reference books which must be used:
Gridley, M (2011). JAZZ STYLES History & Analysis (11th Edition). New Jersey, New Jersey, USA: Prentice Hall. ISBN: 020503683X

Tirro, F (1993). JAZZ – A History (2nd Edition). New York, New York, USA: W.W Norton & Company Inc. ISBN: 0393963683

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