Hellboy 2004

(Watch Hellboy 2004)
From books
“Chapter Five: The Gods of Film: Representing God and Jesus at the Movies”
“Chapter Seven: Demons, Aliens, and Spiritual Warfare: Belief and Reality,”
in Religion and Popular Culture: Rescripting the Sacred. Pp. 89-112; & Pp. 138-16

Each response paper will have 25 points, with the total of 100 points. Like your blogs, here too if you turn in all the five response papers, we will drop the one with the lowest score. As with your blogs, with response papers too you will explicate the traces and connections of religion and popular culture in the movies and relate them to our readings. Do not simply say this was good, bad, etc. You need to rather offer scholarly observation and analysis. Your grading will be based on: a). explaining the connection between the movie and the readings (15 points) and b). providing your own analysis of the movie and the quality of your argument and writing (10). Your response papers are also due on biweekly every Saturday that you do not have a blog. You will see the sue date on Blackboard.

A Note about your Assignments (blogs entries and response papers): Please plan to turn in all your assignments and on time. If you miss assignments, even if you get good grades in your exams, you still lose points in the class so to make sure you excel in this course, you need to come to read, do your work, and come to the class.

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