Healthcare reform topic – Should states offer Medicaid? How have Medicaid cuts affected families? What options will your patients have if there Medicaid benefits are cut ?

Need 3 sources to gather information
Make sure to write down where you are getting your information from in order to create your bibliography.
You may use the Internet,text books,medical journals, etc Wikipedia is not an acceptable source quoting Wikipedia will result in points deducted from grade.

Essay must be 750-1000 words (atleast 2 pages) typed and double will also include cover sheet, and bibliography at the end. 
Covert sheet – topic of essay,the date,name,PM session, instructors name – Valerie
Bibliography – 3 sources including; name of article,name of author,date of publication, and place of publication.(this would be the name of book,magazine,or website where you found the article)


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