harvard business case study

You should be able to demonstrate that you are able to,
• Assess and analyse brand equity.
• Propose and critically discuss a future growth strategy for a luxury brand
Using what you have learned from the Burberry case study, evaluate the
brand equity of the Victoria Beckham brand and critically discuss one future growth strategy for the brand.
Structure for writing your 2,000-word illustrated strategic report,
• Title Page with the title of your report, relevant image, your name, student number, the title
of your degree and pathway, the date and your word count.
• Table of Contents
• List of Figures
• Introduction (Approximately 150 words)
• Critical analysis of Victoria Beckham brand equity (Maximum 500 words)
• Critical discussion of one future growth strategy for Victoria Beckham
• Conclusion (Approximately 250 words)
• References
• Appendices (If appropriate)
You are expected to use appropriate literature, secondary data and business intelligence
to support your arguments. All images should be directly relevant to your text.
Conclusions and recommendations to be included within the 2000 word count.
References, Appendices and Table of Contents do not contribute to the final word count.
Document Guidelines
• Make sure that all components of your submitted work are clearly labelled with your
Name, Student ID, Module Title, Module Code
• Table of Contents
• Pages numbered
• Do not split images, tables or lists across pages
• Use images to support your text where relevant
• Reference all images using the Harvard referencing guide
• Font, Arial size 12
• Double Line Spacing


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