Governance and economic growth in China

Topic: Governance and economic growth in China

Order Description

Dear writer, this is my dissertation order. Thus, it is very important because it may influence my degree directly, please use the real references and make it correct,please notice: I need the data results send to me by the 4th of August.
Requirement are listed as below:
1) do not use the term ‘corporate governance’
2) one or two Research questions
3) Data period from 1995 to 2015
4) 3 or 4 Controllable variables
5) indicators, hypothesis, highlight which governance
6) use simple regression and run the regression(use Excel)
7) use quarterly data
8) two measures: FDI(Foreign direct investment) and GDP
9) Totally 12 regressions. 2 of each, which including Regression and Regression plus control variables
10) data from should be very clear.
11) Examination of Chinese governance and economy development.
If I have further information to provide to you, I will leave you a message.
Same, if you have any questions please leave me a message as well.

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