Google express supply chain strategy

Recommend a Supply Chain Strategy for Process Improvement: Specifically recommend a Quantitative
methodology and apply to your topic. If you are not able to apply actual data, provide examples. (Examples;
PERT, CPM, Time Series Forecasting, Six Sigma, Just-In-Time, Benchmarking, Tools of TQM-Pareto, Statistical
Process Control, Flowchart, Time Function Mapping, etc.) Select 1-2 Quantitative strategies, models and/or
tools. For example, if you choose the topic of Pharmaceutical Serialization; you would focus on the creation of
check sheets, cause and effect diagrams, and statistical process control charts to manage the process. As an
alternative, you may choose to cover Inventory Management tools such as Cycle Counting.
2.Demonstrate an example of a specific Supply Chain Strategy or Methodology (from your text book) that may
benefit the subject topic. Following the recommendation of the 1-2 Quantitative strategies, apply the respective
model, tool and/or strategy to your topic. Substantiate knowledge of the Quantitative strategy via live
demonstration. For example, if you choose the topic of Pharmaceutical Serialization; illustrate live
demonstrations of check sheets, statistical process control, cycle counting, etc.


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