Global Society-How race and migration led to the results of the Brexit vote

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Please explain how race and migration led to the results of the Brexit vote.
While there is no truly objective way to evaluate the quality of a paper, successful final papers will have the following:

1. A clear theoretical approach from class, an assigned reading or some other scholarly text.

2. Analysis of data or historical facts. This means that you should be referring to scholarly sources, reputable media sources, or primary data. Please leave any anecdotal evidence out of the paper.

3. A clear stance on the prompt. Please present a clear argument for your position on the prompt, do not try to tell both sides of the story.

4. Coherent writing and essay structure. Simple format is introduction section, argumentative paragraphs (as many as necessary) and conclusion. If your argument is strong, do not add filler just to reach the page limit. If you can put together a strong, well-researched argument in 9-10 pages, more power to you.
All papers should be 12 point font, double spaced. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. style formatting is fine, just as long as it’s consistent.

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