Gestalt Theory

1. Describe the connection between theory and relevant research
What is the underlying philosophical paradigm of the Gestalt theory?
Why do you think this is the philosophical paradigm underlying this theory?
2. Identify the assumptions of a selected epistemological paradigm
Link the major assumptions of the Gestalt theory to the ontological, axiological, and methodological assumptions of the epistemological paradigm.
3. Analyze how research methods in social sciences align with theories.
Identify and describe what research studies have been used to test the Gestalt theory. In other words, what research studies have been conducted using the Gestalt theory?
4. Apply the assumptions of an epistemological paradigm to quantitative and qualitative research methods
What research methods did these research studies use to test the Gestalt theory. ( Hint: The epistemological paradigm that guides the Gestalt theory should be aligned with the methodological assumption of the epistemological paradigm.)
4. Discuss the scope of practice theory and its appropriateness for theory building and validation. How accurate is the theory in explaining the phenomenon?
5. Complete the attached worksheet as an outline of the paper.
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