Geotechnical design

Written report
Use word processor for your report and submit the printed document (see completion) The document should have – clear layout, title, headings, and sub-headings and diagrams (where appropriate) conclusion, references,. 

-Each task starts in a new page.

-FOR TASK 2 calculate manually using geometry set (Use Using the graphical Swedish circle method, calculate the Factor of Safety of the embankment associated with a possible circular plane of failure as shown in the figure. Neglect the effect of tension cracks.( Use a graph paper to show the graphical method on the slope drawn to scale and include this as a image/pdf in your assignment.) )

– Sources of reference material must be stated, using the Harvard Referencing style. Use your own research, plus the books, websites and other sources provided in the Module Study Guide and course handout materials.

-Use uk references. 

-Citation in text.(important)

– diagrams citation. 

-academic sources (sites, ebooks, e journals,etc..)

-use UK examples only – need to relate to UK legislation and policy.


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