Geopolitics of the supply and demand of energy.

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Question 1:

  • Why did oil price come down sharply in recent years? (I expect 1-2 paragraphs) (4 points)


Oil just like any other commodity is regulated by rules of demand and supply. But there is one more particular non-tangible that affects the price of oil- Expectations. So the first reason is the number of suppliers’ increases. And the other factor that can affect the oil price are the political conflicts

Question 2:

Mr. Toyoda mentioned five risks in the Dramatically Changing Energy Landscape. List 3 of them. (3 points)


Air pollution – climate change – earthquakes


Question 3:

Mr. Toyoda mentioned six challenges that are necessary at major turning point in energy. List 4 of them. (4 points)


Prospecting – Permitting – Marketing- Installation – operation and maintenance


Question 4:

Do you think that producing and consuming countries need to cooperate to minimize the oil price fluctuation? Explain your answer in a paragraph. Yes or No only is not enough. (4 points)


Yes, these countries need to cooperate so they can discuss and try to find solutions for different challenges at each stage of the business. In order to improve the process and reduce costs in transforming in the primary commodity into final products with high added values.


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