Discuss which park (“parks cape”) that you would like to use for your final video project. Refer to the list of possible parks capes available on the lesson module. Discuss the options and collectively decide which parks cape you will be using. You do not need to constrain yourself to this list. However, if you chose an area outside of this list, please obtain approval from your TA or instructor. Ensure that your TA is made aware of your final choice.

The grading on this parks cape discussion will be based on participation that engages significantly with the topic. Please submit thoughtful suggestions and reactions to your peers’ suggestions about which park to focus on for your final project. For example, WHY would a given park be a good choice for this project? Does it have enough interesting history, ecology, social challenges to make it a good story? Can you share outside resources about it, for example? These posts do not need to be long, but you will be graded on how engaged you are in the discussion and final decision. It will also be important for you all to agree on the final choice, so you will need to actively participating in the discussion. Don’t leave this to Sunday night! It would be reasonable to post at least 2-3 times during this discussion.


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