Genetic analysis of complex traits in yeast

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1.what I need to be written in my dissertation are the results section and discussion section as well. 2. the first-page summary should be as an abstract section if it cannot be like that I would like to cancel it please. also, it should be summary for whole the dissertation including the intro. section which I have done already as you can see in the link below. 3. please if you could carry on writing on the same word document that I have written my intro. in it regarding the organising that it required by the department.( as well you can check the PDF document in the link which titled with: format and binding). 4. there is a file in the link called : Records, which have 3 records titled by what they are describing in the record for the dissertation, please listen to them. 5. there is a file called : the best results containing all my results including the reader plates machine , QTL and rQTL pictures in PDF files which are describing on which chromosome this QTL activity for the specific inhibitor condition . 6. there is a Xale document titled : MAQTL01.digest…., showing the exact place for these QTL locations ( from _ to) on the chromosome. please try to use them to describe these QTL positions. 7. please include some of the pictures that I attached in the link describing the growth of yeast in these conditions and the QTL analysis pictures with figure legends. 8.the temperature conditions were under 20C, 42C and the normal control 30C. 9. there is a picture that describes the whole project titled : photo from majed alghamdi 10.finally, this is the last email I got from my prof. regarding an extension that I asked last week but it refused. I hope it would help: (The QTL analysis should be a minor part of the dissertation as most will be devoted to the phenotypes, the process of phenotyping and a general discussion of the underlying genetics and why the particular phenotypes you have studied are important. The QTL analysis is just icing on the cake pointing to the relevant genetic variation responsible for the phenotype variation you see.) please log in to this link which has all the results and what I have mentioned above: * the payment has been transferred and received by your website* so please start writing with confidence, because not paid note is false note. regards,

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