gender testing of female Olympic athletes.

For the discussion this week read the article by Schweinbenz & Cronk on
gender testing of female Olympic athletes. The authors of this article argue
that this is a discriminatory practice that should be abolished. After reading
about the chapter on regulation of sexual behavior do you agree with their
argument? Cite specific sexual development disorders as part of your discussion
this week to support the stance you take. Should females that have androgen
insensitivity or other sexual development disorders be allowed to compete as
females? Does it give them an unfair advantage? Your initial posting should be a
minimum of 250 words and utilize at least one peer-reviewed source published in
the last 5 years.

Guided Response: When responding to at
least two of your peers, comment on those that have taken a different stance on
this argument and you. Be sure to comment on the disorders they have discussed
to support their argument.

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