Form focused listining


My brother and I

My brother just a year older than I am. (I am 18) we have a lot of things in common.

We look alike. I am 5’10, and so is he. I have straight black hair and dark brown eyes, and so does he. We share some of the same interests too. I Love to play soccer, and he does too. Both of us swim every day, but I can’t dive, and neither can he. Although there are a lot of similarities between us, there are also many differences. For example, he likes eating all kinds of food, but I don’t. He eats hamburger and fries every day! My brother doesn’t want to go to college, but I do. I believe it’s important to get as much education as possible, but he wants to get real life experience. Our personalities are quite different. I am quite and easygoing. But he isn’t. He has lots of energy and talks a lot when I think about it; we really are more different than similar.















1.      Is 17 years old Ryan


Ryan’s brother
2.      Is 5’10 tall


4.      Has black hair    
5.      Has dark brown eyes    
6.      Loves soccer    
7.      Swims    
8.      Dives    
9.      Prefer hamburger and fries    
10.  Wants to go to collage    
11.  Prefer real life experience    
12.  Is quite    
13.  Is easy going    








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