Finer Diner Statistical Calculations

Use The Finer Diner Sales Report resource to do the following:
•Calculate the mean, median, mode, max, min, range, standard deviation and variance of the number of tables served, food sales, and drink sales for the quarter.
•Calculate the mean, median, max and min for nights when Alan & the Jacksons are playing, and for nights when Mountain Gospel Trio is playing.

Use the data on the Survey Results Data page from The Finer Diner Sales Report, to complete the following:
•Calculate the probable number of patrons who indicated ‘yes’ to both questions on the survey form.

Compose a 350- to 700-word summary of your findings as if reporting it to the owners of the business, in which you:
•Define the descriptive data presented to be understood by the owners of the organization.
•Identify opportunities for increasing income from the data, and
•Recommend two changes in nightly special and/or entertainment in an effort to boost sales.


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