Find a title for this marketing essay

Find a title for this marketing essay

4000 Word Critical Review (Essay Format)
Critically examine the value of marketing for contemporary (1) tourism, (2) hospitality, (3) events and (4) food (5) public health organisations/initiatives (select either 1,2,3,4 or 5 dependent upon your sector). You should select one of the themes/concepts below and illustrate how/if this concept/theme has been adopted and utilised in your sector. Areas for consideration
Technology and Social Media
Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility
Another concept agreed with your tutor
You should carry this out in three stages:
A critical review of the current state of thinking in the literature on your marketing concept/practice.
(1,500 words)
2. A review of how your marketing concept/practice has/is been/being embedded in organisations/initiatives in your sector.
(1,500 words)
3. Critique the value of your marketing concept/practice whilst making recommendations for its use in the future.
(1,000 words)
Choose one from the "(1) tourism, (2) hospitality, (3) events and (4) food (5) public health organisations" and choose one from the "1. Branding 2.Technology and Social Media 3.Marketing & Corporate Social Responsibility 4.Another concept agreed with your tutor"
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