Financial Crisis

coursework is consisted by two parts which should be answered (and labelled) seperately: 
Part A: Write a CRITICAL book review of J.K. Galbraith’s The Great Crash 1929. (70%)
This means that it should explain the issues that the book addresses. It should set out the main conclusions of the book and how these conclusions have been reached. More importantly, you should offer a critical review. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to disagree with Galbraith but you should show an awareness of his views that might be contentious. You may firstly summarize the main arguments from the book (so the marker knows you did read and understand the book). And then make comments on John Kenneth Galbraith’s views (attack, support or maybe both) based on the theories and literature in Finance (So the maker knows you can use the appropriate finance theories to 
appreciate, argue and evaluate certain points of views).
In another word, your critical analysis skill to link the academic literature and theories to the book, and then raise your overall opinion are the keys. Relevant financial theories and references matter!

Part B: Discuss the similarities between the Crash of 1929 in the USA and the split capital investment trust crisis of 2001-03 in the UK. (30%)
You are expected to demonstrate a good understanding of such a recent UK case. And then compare and contrast it with the great crash on the other side of Atlantic Ocean almost 90 years ago.

These references are expected to be used for the Assignment: 

Adams, A T (Editor) (2004) The Split Capital Investment Trust Crisis, Wiley, Chapters 1 and 4.

Adams and Angus (2001) For Whom the Barbell Tolls…, Professional Investor, 11(3), April, 14-17.

Galbraith, J K (1975) The Great Crash 1929, Penguin Books.


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