FINAL Micawber Case Assignment

The Micawber Capital case will be used for Franke College of Business assessment of Ethics and Social Responsibility and also for Written Communication Skills. As such, it counts in place of the MGT 490C Final Examination for Fall 2016 and counts for 10% of your course grade.

Individual assignment – do not consult with others – due as an email attachment (.doc or .docx format) Name your document with your first initial and last name and Micawber Case. Example: Micawber Case.

You have been hired as a consultant to the senior director at Micawber Capital (KEL #712, 2012), one of India’s largest microfinance organizations. Your main task is to recommend a corporate structure and organization for Micawber. Evaluate the materials in the case study and provide a recommendation focused on answering the three questions posed at the end of the second-to-last paragraph (p. 8). NOTE: The Grading Sheet has been included in the J:Drive 4All > FINAL EXAM CASE ASSIGNMENT files so you can see how you will be scored on this assignment. Ethics & Writing Rubrics are included so you can see how the FCB Assessment Committee will evaluate your work (from and anonymous random sample of 490C students).

Format: a business memorandum of no more than 1000 words of text on no more than 4 pages (use standard fonts and margins), including a concise executive summary. Use visual aids to clarify, simplify, and/or emphasize data or main points, but integrate them within the text rather than adding them at the end as appendices. The memorandum should have a professional appearance, be formatted with page numbers and descriptive headings, and include proper citations of at least three outside sources using APA style. Your memo should be free of grammatical, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and other basic English language usage errors. At minimum*, the memorandum should include the following:
A. An executive summary, providing an overview of your analysis and recommendation.
B. Brief statement of the problem/decision/issue. Give a brief overview of the issue as you understand it.
C. Identification of the specific social responsibility and ethical factors relevant to the issue, along with application of the key ethical theories to the facts of this case.
D. Analysis of the social responsibility and ethical factors identified above. Address the information you have about those factors from the case study and the information you would like to have that is not included in the case.
E. Identification of the alternative strategies that the company could adopt to address the ethical issues. This should be short and to the point.
F. Description of your formal recommendation with respect to Micawber’s goals and mission, structure, and incentives. Include how Micawber should balance the objectives of its stakeholders and how to implement and evaluate your recommendation.

*For further content ideas/inspiration, refer to the “Guide to Case Analysis” on the web at: ( and/or How To Conduct a Case Analysis Guide pages posted on the course J:Drive in the 4All folder. These are optional resources, if you need any.

Case Access Information (For ease of web access, this assignment document is posted on the MGT490C class J:Drive in the 4All folder) : Product Title : Micawber Capital: For Mission or Profit? (Case #: KEL712-PDF-ENG)
Please download the case document and/or print one copy for yourself. Users may not make copies for others, disseminate the document to unauthorized users, edit or alter it, or otherwise exercise any intellectual property rights, all of which remain with Harvard Business School Publishing.


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