Final Industry Report

This assignment is the completion of a term project which allows you to explore the economic environment of the industry in which you are currently employed or in which you intend to be employed.
Introduction regarding the final output product that is being produced in your chosen industry.
Demand for the product.
Supply of the product.
Elasticity of demand for the product.
Industry market structure.
Government regulations.
Antitrust issues.
Trade restrictions.
Conclusion including a discussion of how the study of economics has informed your understanding of your chosen industry.
Please be careful to integrate course terms and concepts in your summaries and use MLA style for your source referencing including in-text citations. Do not simply copy in the questions and answers from the previous weeks, but rather develop summary information which flows from one topic to another. You may use bullet points, but please be sure to provide adequate explanation of the topics. Feel free to make use of visuals in your presentation.


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