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Each student will write a fictitious memo to an elected leader or governmental official on a specific policy issue topic or institutional design idea of his/her choosing. The idea with this minimum 1000 word assignment will be to identify a specific policy problem in society OR institutional feature of American government that needs fixing and to consider different ways to fix the problem.  Typically a student’s memo will be stronger and have more punch if the topic is very specific.  For example, the topic of “public health” is too broad to get your arms around, so to speak, but “childhood obesity” is a specific niche within that topic for which a memo would work well.  Similarly, “reform of elections” is too broad, while “Electoral College reform” is more specific.
(1) identify the policy/institutional problem that needs solving and establish the degree of the problem;

(2) consider at least 3 alternatives to fixing the problem;

(3) compare and contrast those alternatives to the problem; and,

(4) pick the best alternative and explain carefully why you did.

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