Fairy Tale and Folktale Storytelling

One of the hallmarks of fairy tales and folktales is the repeated use of plot, character, and setting patterns. These patterns oftentimes grew out of the oral storytelling medium, and in this activity, we will be exploring how helpful these patterns can be. You will be given a random set of plot points, characters/objects, settings, and descriptive words that you will weave into an oral story in the fairy tale and folktale tradition (See attached sheet). Oral Story Telling Sheet 1.doc Your instructor will tell you which number to use). You will also be provided an ending sentence. You will post a 4-8 min video in which you create and tell your story to our Fairy Tale and Folktale Blog along with a 1-page reflection on this activity. In your reflection, you may wish to consider some of the following questions:

What made this exercise difficult or easy?

Would this have been easier without being given these specific elements of folktales? Without the ending sentence?

How did you construct your story?

What influenced how you told the story and how the story progressed?

What insights does this give you into the conventions of folktales?

Could this activity work with children? Why or why not?


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